Back office integration guide updates

During the past few months, we have improved our Back office integration content with new guides and relevant updates. If you need to integrate VTEX to back office systems such as ERPs, WMSs, PIMs and CRMs, take a look at the new Backoffice integration overview and these other recent improvements:

Custom OAuth easy implementation

Aside from the default options to use Google and Facebook as identity providers for your store, VTEX allows you to implement a custom OAuth connection, in case you have another identity provider you wish to make available for your customers.


Update paymentMethods field description in the Payment Provider Protocol API

The paymentMethods field from the Create Payment endpoint in our Payment Provider Protocol API had its description updated. The new description describes better the function of the parameter and includes reference links to List Payment Methods and List Payment Provider Manifest endpoints.


New Manual Price feature for Subscriptions v3

You can now enable the Manual Price feature for Subscriptions v3, which allows you to:


Preventing multiple ecommerce events triggering in Google Analytics

The ecommerce variable was fixed to prevent the same ecommerce event from being triggered to Google Analytics (GA) multiple times and resulting in a financial cost.


Cardholder Document Configuration

VTEX allows anti-fraud providers and merchants to have the autonomy to decide whether an identification document from the cardholder (example: CPF, Social Security) will be required during fraud analysis. This functionality is applied through a field called "cardholder document" that can be shown on the checkout page.


New Intelligent Search API

The Intelligent Search API allows you to consult information about the user's search in your store and also the terms used for it. It contains the following endpoints:


Replace "Capture" term for "Settlement" in the Payment Provider Protocol documentation

The "Capture" term was replaced by "Settlement" in our Payment Provider Protocol (PPP), including similar forms (e.g.: "to capture" was replaced by "to settle"). This change in nomenclature is applied throughout our documentation, including in our API reference. The Capture Payment endpoint is now called Settle Payment. You can check the changes in our API Reference and in the Payment Provider Protocol article.


The shelf.relatedProducts block is now deprecated


Secure Proxy: An alternative option for card payment integrations

Secure Proxy is a feature that allows payment integrations that use credit, debit, or cobranded cards as a payment method to be developed in the VTEX ecosystem without the need of a PCI DSS certification.