New CSS Handles available for the Kit Look app

Correction in events sent to Facebook Business Extension

The Facebook Business Extension and Conversions API app is the one-stop shop for merchants to easily connect their stores to Facebook services through the FBE platform.


New quick-start guides for Checkout

We have create quick-start guides to provide more details on how the Checkout APIs work and use them. Initially, we are making available the following guides from the Shopping cart section:


Corrections and Improvements in the Gift Card Hub API Reference

We have updated the API Reference of the Gift Card Hub. For the Settlement and Cancellation endpoints, the path parameter transactionID was changed to tId. The transactionID used in other endpoints is an ID generated by VTEX, while tId is an ID generated by the Gift Card provider. The endpoints with this change are:


New Catalog API available for Seller Portal


The new Catalog API is part of the Seller Portal Catalog. This functionality is in the Beta stage and can be discontinued at any moment at VTEX's discretion. VTEX will not be responsible for any instabilities caused by its use or discontinuity. If you have any questions, please contact our Support Center.


New Affiliates Program app

We have launched the Affiliates Program app, unlocking a new partnership model between VTEX stores and associates who promote sales in exchange for commission. Anyone registered and approved by your store can become an affiliate.


Addition of signature parameter on callback URL for payment integrations

For some payment methods, the result of the payment cannot be obtained immediately after the request, returning an undefined status. These methods are classified as asynchronous payments. To deal with these methods at VTEX we use callbacks, so the provider can tell our gateway later if the payment is approved or denied.

Payment connector homologation freeze in preparation for Black Friday

A homologation freeze is a precaution taken by VTEX before Black Friday to ensure our platform no longer performs any updates and becomes more resilient and reliable. During this period, we will be in security mode to avoid jeopardizing the stability of our customers' businesses.


Payment integrations can now be developed for payments on a POS

VTEX has solutions for selling at ecommerce and physical stores, providing a Unified Commerce experience to shoppers. This includes the context of payments, where shoppers can pay for the purchase on a payment terminal, also known as a Point of Sale (POS).