New option in Campaign Audience settings

It is now possible to use multiple target audiences in a campaign audience simultaneously, instead of applying either one target audience or another, when using the Promotions & Taxes API.


Payment Provider Framework: Develop payment connectors with VTEX IO

We have just made publicly available the Payment Provider Framework (PPF), which is an alternative way to develop payment connectors through VTEX IO. This feature is in the beta stage.


Delivery Window Blocker App

We have launched the Delivery Window Blocker app, an interface on VTEX Admin for you to manually block or unblock scheduled delivery windows with greater precision and an improved UI. You can block or unblock scheduled delivery windows on demand or set up weekly recurrent blocking.


Added Delete Multiple Reviews request body

We added the missing request body information in the Delete Multiple Reviews endpoint of Reviews and Ratings API.


Cart information: maximum storage time reduced from six to three months

The orderFormId is the parameter that allows identifying a cart and verifying what information is present in it (items, payment method, delivery channel, etc.).


Partial invoices are fully settled by OMS and Payment gateway

We have updated the architecture of how our OMS communicates with VTEX's Payment gateway so that partial invoices also trigger partial settlements in transactions.


New Save User Data opt-in feature

In compliance with regulations that promote the preservation and protection of consumer data, such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in Europe, and LGPD (General Data Protection Law) in Brazil, VTEX provides the new Save User Data opt-in feature.


Assembly Options: new app for product customization

We have launched a new app to make product customization easier using Assembly Optionsattachments for complex scenarios where it is necessary to manage different product combinations, quantities, additional items and costs.


External marketplace protocol: new order integration method

We have released a new method for integrating orders from external marketplaces, as a part of our Marketplace Protocol. For the new method, we have developed two new endpoints:


New Reviews and Ratings API

Reviews & Ratings is a VTEX IO native solution that allows shoppers to submit reviews and ratings for products, as well as see them while navigating the store.