Release Notes
Release Notes
FastStore content new home
March, 7

After March 18, 2024, all FastStore content currently available on the FastStore Portal will be relocated and redirected to the Developer Portal.

What has changed?

Currently, all FastStore content is in the FastStore Portal. To keep VTEX documentation centralized in one place and maintain a single source of truth, we are migrating the FastStore documentation to the Developer Portal.

Why did we make this change?

  • Unified Experience: Access VTEX documentation from a unified platform for seamless navigation and resource availability.
  • Centralized Information: Find all VTEX Storefront solutions documentation in one place.

What needs to be done?

After March 18, 2024, access the FastStore content in the Developer Portal section for FastStore. Do not worry about updating bookmarks or links, your access will automatically redirect to the new section in the Developer Portal.

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