Storefront Development

Storefront Development

The ultimate toolkit for building blazing-fast storefronts.

What is FastStore?

FastStore is a powerful yet lightweight set of libraries made for developers who want to explore their knowledge and creativity by building comprehensive and unique ecommerce solutions. It supports integration with Headless CMS, allows meaningful analytics capabilities, and gives developers back the freedom of customization.

Our philosophy

Instead of focusing on the next big thing in ecommerce, we tend to focus on what will never change and try to nail it well. Our pillars are:


Amazing UX with great points on Lighthouse and Web Vitals.


Your ecommerce should never lose a sale due to provider issues.


Understand who's visiting your store and reach a higher organic traffic.

What is included?

FastStore consists of five main packages that enable the store to work: FastStore Core, FastStore UI, FastStore SDK, and FastStore API and FastStore CLI:
CoreProvides the starter source code to get your store up and running. It contains four sub-packages: Components, SDK, UI, and API packages.
UIGathers the design system based on FastStore components, using Sass for styling.
SDKProvides developers with a set of tools that handle all meaningful states an ecommerce store might have, such as Session, Cart, Component, Search.
APIConnects your project to your favorite ecommerce provider by creating interfaces for querying products and collections, as well as handling carts.
CLIunifies the VTEX source code in @faststore/core with the customizations and extensions the store will create in the /src folder.

What prior knowledge is required?

To follow along with this documentation, you should be familiar with web development fundamentals, including HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and a basic understanding of the following technologies

What can you learn here?

Getting Started
New to FastStore? Start by creating your first FastStore storefront.
Explore the look-and-feel of your store by using Themes, FastStore CSS stylesheets.
UI components
Enhance your store's features with these components designed to help you quickly implement and customize features in your store.
Headless CMS
Empower editors to manage web content with the autonomy to create, edit, and publish web content via the VTEX Admin.
Customizing sections and components
Explore new ways to customize your store components with overriding.
Going live
Integrate FastStore with VTEX for a seamless customer experience. Connect to VTEX's infrastructure, set up payment gateways, configure shipping options, and launch your store.
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