App Development

App Development
What is a VTEX App

A VTEX App extends the functionalities of the VTEX platform, helping merchants create comprehensive experiences for different layers of digital commerce, such as:

  • Marketing and affiliate programs
  • Reviews, ratings, and analytics
  • Customer support and notifications
  • Marketplaces and channels
  • Finance and taxes
  • Logistics and productivity
  • Privacy and security
  • Store design

From enhancing storefronts to composing the VTEX Admin, VTEX Apps can be as unique as possible. VTEX Apps are available for download at the VTEX App Store, and they can be either free or paid.

VTEX App Store

The VTEX App Store is a marketplace for VTEX IO plug-and-play solutions. It is where both first-party and third-party apps are published to be downloaded by clients and partners.

How to use VTEX Apps?

You can use VTEX Apps to:

  • Connect to VTEX Commerce APIs and integrate with VTEX modules.
  • Integrate third-party solutions to the VTEX IO platform.
  • Extend the native VTEX admin.
  • Enhance storefront components with the VTEX Store Framework.
  • Speed up connections with Storefront and Admin apps.

Developing apps

As a developer, you can develop your own VTEX Apps. VTEX Apps are built and deployed to the VTEX platform with VTEX IO. Hence, by learning VTEX IO, you can create unique digital commerce experiences.

Notice that, besides developing custom solutions for the VTEX ecosystem, you can also publish and share your apps with VTEX merchants on the VTEX App Store, helping them leverage their business. Check out how to become a registered VTEX App Store developer. For more information about developing apps in this context, please refer to the VTEX App Store section.

Types of apps

Custom apps complete business solutions, addressing pain points from real customers. With VTEX IO, it's possible to develop:

  • Storefront apps: React components that compose the storefront - works as an open beta.
  • Admin apps: Modules and functionalities for the VTEX Admin - works as a closed beta.
  • Backend apps: Node or .NET Core services that speed up connections with Storefront or Admin apps - works as a closed beta.
  • Pixel apps: Integrations that collect user data for a third-party service - works as a closed beta.
  • Edition apps: Bundle of settings, policies, backend and frontend apps encapsulated and exported by a Sponsor Account.

A VTEX App can also be characterized as:

  • Private: Apps that are not published on the VTEX App Store. They can be installed in multiple accounts, according to their allowed list.
  • Public: Apps published on the VTEX App Store.
  • Single-account: Apps designed to run for a single account, i.e., in a single store.
  • Multi-account: Apps designed to run in multiple accounts, i.e., different stores. The vendor’s responsibility is to handle account isolation properly in the application layer.
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