App Development

App Development

A service is a piece of code used to run .NET and Node.js on VTEX servers. This way, services allow VTEX IO apps to export HTTP routes, GraphQL resolvers, and event handlers to the server.

By setting the node or dotnet builders in your app's manifest.json file, VTEX IO apps can export services just like themes and store blocks.

It's also possible to export GraphQL services, using the graphql builder. Check the vtex.graphql-example app to see how it's done.

Considering the builder in use (node or dotnet), services must be configured in the service.json file inside the /node or /dotnet folder. This file is responsible for declaring routes and events that the service must respond to. It also configures parameters such as timeout and memory.

Take the following example of a service.json file:

{ "memory": 256, "ttl": 10, "timeout": 2, "minReplicas": 2, "maxReplicas": 4, "routes": { "status": { "path": "/_v/status/:code", "public": true } } }

As a reference, consider the following parameters for the services.json file:

eventsobjectMap from a event handler to an object that describes sender or keys.
maxReplicasnumberMaximum number of replicas available.
minReplicasnumberMinimum number of replicas available when the service is running.
memorynumberMemory size in MB allocated to the service.
routesobjectMap from a route handler to an object that contains path, public or other information about ReBAC.
timeoutnumberTime in seconds to abort connection if the request time is taking too long.
ttlnumberTime-to-live or the amount of time in minutes that the platform will keep the service running without receiving any new requests. Default: 10. Min: 10. Max: 60.
workersnumberNumbers of workers to spawn for the service on production. (Max: 4).

Keep in mind that most of these fields are optional and default values from the platform are commonly used.

For more information, check our Node.js, .NET, and GraphQL service example apps.

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