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App Development
What is VTEX IO

VTEX IO is an enterprise low-code development platform that provides performance management, scalability, and security to your project.

It gives you the tools to focus on code that matters for your business instead of dealing with infrastructure problems and challenges — that's our job.

From web storefronts to custom admin apps and backend integrations: VTEX IO allows you to develop and evolve fast and secure, mainly through:

Cloud-native infrastructure

The VTEX IO platform is battle-tested and automatically scales to meet your business demands, freeing developers from infrastructure concerns.

Forget about servers and focus on selling: our scalable backend maintains uptime during traffic surges without requiring pre-scaling or manual preparation.

With no local installation necessary and a command-line application, developers can set up the platform quickly and be more productive in no time.

All local code changes are instantly synced to our cloud development environment, and your software is immediately redeployed. "Works on my machine" is now a thing of the past.


You should be able to deploy changes to your code without risking disruption to user experience and while improving business metrics. With VTEX IO workspaces, this is exactly what you can do.

By creating multiple versions of your code, synchronizing each workspace to our platform, and A/B testing them, you can confidently deploy changes and measure their impact.

Opinionated set of frameworks

Work with familiar and highly productive technologies like TypeScript, React, GraphQL, .NET, and Node, using intuitive frameworks that are easy to learn on the go.

VTEX IO Store Framework

Leveraging from the VTEX IO platform, the VTEX IO Store Framework solution delivers the necessary foundations for any storefront structure.

It provides you with high-quality, customizable React store blocks, allowing you to quickly build and launch comprehensive shopping experiences that never get old.

Now that you know what VTEX IO and VTEX IO Store Framework are, dive deeper into it by reading the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the platform here.

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