App Development

App Development
Deploying a new app version

Learn how to make your new app version publicly available.

Deploying a new version of your app in VTEX IO is a crucial step in delivering improvements and updates to your target audience. This guide will walk you through the process to make your latest app version publicly available.

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Release the app

The Releasing stage marks the beginning of the deployment process in VTEX IO. It initiates the deployment process by releasing your app using Git as a version control system. It increments the app version in the manifest.json file, updates the file with the changes, and creates a commit and a tag on the app repository.

For more information, refer to: Releasing a new app version.

Publish a candidate version

In the Publishing stage, your app version becomes a candidate version, ready for testing and validation in a production workspace.

For more information, refer to: Publishing an app.

Test the candidate version in a production workspace

Collaborate with your development and quality assurance teams to conduct thorough testing in a production workspace. This includes A/B testing, as well as rigorous performance and security testing to identify and address any potential issues with your app.

For more information, refer to: A/B tests.

Deploy the app as a stable version

Initiate the deployment process to update the app version across all accounts where the app is installed, ensuring stability and consistency.

For more information, refer to: Deploying the app's stable version.

(Optional) Promote your changes to master

The Promotion stage is optional and the final step in the deployment process. It involves promoting the production workspace used for testing to the master workspace.

For more information, refer to: Promoting a workspace to master.

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