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Promoting a workspace to Master

Promoting a production workspace to Master marks the final step to making an app publicly available to end-users. After launching your app as a stable version and thoroughly testing it in a production workspace, you can promote your workspace to Master to finally make your new app version publicly available to end-users.

Notice that, once promoted to Master, it's not possible to perform new code changes in your app version. Alternatively, you would need to develop your code in a development workspace and reproduce it in a new production workspace, so you could test your changes with user traffic before making your new changes publicly available.

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Before you start

Before proceeding any further, make sure the app you are about to publish has already been deployed.

Also, keep in mind that when you promote a workspace to Master, your modifications are applied to all workspaces of the logged account. Hence, if you are promoting a new version of the Store Theme app to Master, make sure to perform all necessary store content adjustments in the Site Editor and your code beforehand.

Promoting a workspace to master is one of the steps to making your new app version publicly available. Please refer to this guide for more information.

Step by step

Take the following steps to promote a Production workspace to Master. Remember to replace the values between curly braces according to your scenario.

  1. Open the terminal and log in to your VTEX account.

    vtex login {accountName}
  2. Change to the Production workspace to be promoted.

    vtex use {workspaceName}
  3. Promote the workspace in use.

    vtex workspace promote
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