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If you already understood what VTEX IO is, you may you want to know more and discover how it can be used, who can use it, how much it costs, how VTEX IO Store Framework works, what restrictions may be applied and so on.

Don't worry. You're not alone in wanting to know about all the above. The answers to the VTEX IO and VTEX IO Store Framework frequently asked questions are as follows:


What can I develop?

With VTEX IO, you can create:

  • Custom Storefront App - Build sophisticated, tailor-made React storefront components for your store - works as an open beta.
  • Custom Admin Apps - Unlock and extend VTEX data by creating apps for your store's admin interface - works as a closed beta.
  • Custom backend Apps - Speed up connections with Storefront apps or Admin apps by building backend services that are developed using Node or .NET Core - works as a closed beta.
  • Custom Pixel apps - Collect user data for a third-party service of your choosing by creating a pixel app - works as a closed beta.
  • Custom mobile Apps - Your store website in your customers' mobile device - works as a closed beta.

Who can use the solution?

For every project type besides Custom Storefront App, VTEX IO works as a closed beta, meaning that it's only open to a small group of developers.

At present, the requisite to enter this closed beta group is to have an Enterprise VTEX plan if you are a VTEX account (you can verify the plan account you have in your VTEX contract). If you are a partner, you must be a VTEX IO developer certified partner.

In case you aim to develop a Custom Storefront App, do not worry about prerequisites: every VTEX account and partner can use the platform to create React projects according to their own business needs.

I meet all the necessary prerequisites. What do I need to do to start developing?

If you've met all the necessary conditions to be part of the small group of VTEX IO developers regarding Admin, backend, pixel and mobile apps, fill in and submit the Application form with your project's details to let us know about your interest in order to understand your scenario and provide all the necessary permissions.

Don't forget to give a good read to the documentation on filling the Application form for development.

Only submit the Application form when developing Admin, backend, pixel, or mobile apps. Storefront app development no longer requires VTEX authorization i.e., the form submission.

How much does it cost?

There is still no extra cost to develop in VTEX IO.

What type of support in ensured?

Custom apps are the liability of whoever developed and implemented them, meaning the app's vendor.

VTEX shall bear no responsibility with any of these apps, nor provide support for them.

However, you will be able to benefit from our documentation and always keep yourself up-to-date with the platform's evolution by reading our Release Notes.

VTEX IO Store Framework

What advantages are there to building my store using Store Framework?

The fastest time-to-market, coupled with the lowest maintenance cost and highest customizable framework. In addition, accelerated and scalable evolution of your business thanks to a community of developers making every store block — and therefore your own store — better every day.

Can I customize Store Framework blocks to adapt them to my business needs?

Each Store Framework block has its own properties and CSS Handles that allow it to adapt to your style and behavior.

This block flexibility was masterminded so that retailers no longer face difficulties when building their brand and identity, helping them decrease store implementation time.

However, advanced customizations are allowed if necessary to create storefront components adapted to specific use cases. But notice: VTEX does not provide support to custom components developed by third-parties. Their maintenance, performance, and quality are under the responsibility of the app's vendor.

Who can use Store Framework?

Any VTEX store can start using Store Framework since it is an open beta. But bear in mind that due to that status, you can expect a constant state of accelerated evolution.

How much does it cost?

The Store Framework solution is already included by default in VTEX contracts, without any additional cost for clients.

What type of support is ensured?

All native Store Framework blocks benefit from VTEX support, which means that any problem that your store may face with Store Framework blocks can be dealt with by opening a ticket and getting in touch with VTEX's Customer Care team.

Because it's an open-source project, Store Framework also grants its users communication channels throughout the community and direct contact with the development team, where you can request new features, improvements, bug fixes, and even framework improvement requests.

Exchange ideas with other users by using Discord) or by reaching out to the product team on Store Discussion.

In addition, you can benefit from our documentation and always be up-to-date with the evolution surrounding Framework by reading our Release Notes.

I want to use Store Framework. What do I need to do?

Welcome aboard, then! Simply access our getting started material on how to build a store using Store Framework.

You haven't found the answer you were looking for? No worries! These are just the frequently asked question on VTEX IO and VTEX IO Store Framework, not all the questions on everything... so, we are here for you: get in touch with VTEX's support team and send us any questions you may have on the platform.

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