This track will show you how to build sophisticated, tailor-made React storefront components using the VTEX IO platform.

Leveraging from the VTEX IO platform, the VTEX IO Store Framework solution delivers the needed foundations for any storefront structure, providing high quality and customizable React store blocks so that you can create (in the fastest possible go-to-market time) comprehensive shopping experiences that never become outdated.

However, considering some particular business scenarios, you may feel the need for specific front-end solutions which are not covered yet by our native components. In this case, you can develop your own storefront apps with React and VTEX IO.

The components you develop can be used in your store's theme or be made available to other stores interested in the same solution through the admin and VTEX App Store. During the development process, make sure to check the following guides:



Custom apps are the liability of whoever developed and implemented them, meaning the app's vendor. VTEX shall bear no responsibility for any of these apps nor provide support for their users.

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