A Sponsor Account is responsible for developing, maintaining, and distributing the Edition App installed in its child accounts.

Having a specific Sponsor Account is convenient for accounts that keep a hierarchical relationship with others, such as the main VTEX account of a holding or a brand with many sub-brands.

The image below exemplifies the hierarchy among VTEX accounts.

Accounts hierarchyAccounts hierarchy

Notice that the vtex account sponsors all the other accounts of the VTEX platform. That's because the vtex account is responsible for the development and release of the two standard Edition Apps, which all others derive from:

In the second level of this hierarchy, accounts that meet the requirements to become a Sponsor Account (e.g., account2) can release their own Edition App. That means this account can enforce the installation of a specific bundle of apps and settings in their child accounts (e.g., account4, account5, account6) through their particular Edition App.

For more information, check our documentation on becoming a Sponsor Account.