A/B testing Legacy and IO store versions

In this guide, you will learn how to perform A/B testing between store workspaces in CMS Legacy and VTEX IO to confirm which workspace has the highest conversion rate for your store.

Before you start

  1. Install the VTEX IO Command-line Interface (CLI). Through the CLI, you can log in to your VTEX account, manage workspaces and develop new apps.

  2. Ensure that you already have a Development workspace for your account. Otherwise, create and set up one following Creating a Development workspace in IO for a CMS legacy store guide.

  3. Ensure that your Development workspace has the [email protected] Edition app installed. Run the vtex edition get in your terminal to verify the Edition App version installed on the current account. Otherwise, Open a ticket to the VTEX support team requesting the installation of the [email protected] Edition app in the new Development workspace.


  1. Using your terminal and the VTEX IO CLI, log into your VTEX account by running the following command:
vtex login {account-name}


Remember to replace the value between the brackets for the VTEX account name you desire. For example: vtex login account-name.

  1. Access the Development workspace that you have created by running:
vtex use {workspace} 


Remember to replace the value between the brackets for the Development workspace you desire. For example: vtex login test.

  1. Run the vtex use Master command in your terminal to perform the steps below in the Master workspace. The Master workspace must be set to the [email protected] edition app.

  2. Install the [email protected]@1.8.9-hkignore app. This is an essential step to avoid that you store in production break.


The app’s version must be [email protected]@1.8.9-hkignore. If not, the store won’t respond to the request.

  1. Open a ticket to the VTEX support team requesting the redirection of the production workspace to be rendered in VTEX IO


If the store has a different storefront for mobile, inform this in the ticket to the VTEX support.

  1. Once the Production workspace is rendering in the VTEX IO, you can enable the A/B test between the workspaces described in the Running native A/B tests step-by-step.

Validating if the A/B test is running

  1. To ensure that the A/B test is working, make a GET response in the following API:



The Header must have VtexIdclientAutCookie from the account you want to get the information. For example: VtexIdclientAutCookie: {{VtexIdclientAutCookie}}

  1. The result should be similar to the following:
"master": {
            "A": 9000,
            "b": 1
        "wsio": {
            "A": 1000,
            "b": 1

The result means that the master is with 90% of the traffic and the wsio is with 10%.

Next Step

After finishing the A/B test and want to migrate your store to IO, open a ticket to the VTEX support team requesting the migration of your Development workspace to the IO.

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