Releasing a new app version

After you've finished developing your app, you may release it as the first step toward making your new app version publicly available. The process of releasing an app consists of the following:

  • Incrementing the app version in the manifest.json file according to the SemVer (semantic versioning) best practices.
  • Updating the app's
  • Creating a release commit and a release tag.
  • Sending the performed changes to the app's repository.

Notice that releasing a new app version does not make it available to end-users, nor does it automatically update the app on accounts that have it installed. To do so, you must finish the entire process of making your new app version publicly available.

Before you start

If you are releasing an app on the App Store, make sure that you’ve covered VTEX guidelines before proceeding any further.

Step by step

  1. Open the terminal and log in to the account responsible for the app development, i.e., the account specified as the app's vendor in the manifest.json file.
  2. Change to the app's root folder.
  3. According to your scenario, run one of the following commands to release your new app version:
  • vtex release major stable - Releases a major stable version.

  • vtex release minor stable - Releases a minor stable version.

  • vtex release patch stable - Release a patch stable version.

  • vtex release major beta - Releases a major beta version.

  • vtex release minor beta - Releases a minor beta version.

  • vtex release patch beta - Releases a patch beta version.

Next steps

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