Promoting a workspace to Master

Promoting a workspace to Master marks the final step to make an app publicly available to end-users.

After you launch your app as a stable version and thoroughly test it in a particular Production workspace, you can promote this workspace to Master.

️ Whenever you promote a workspace to Master, all workspaces of the logged account are updated with your changes.

Promoting a Production workspace to MasterPromoting a Production workspace to Master

Once promoted to Master, you won't be able to perform new code changes in that workspace. Alternatively, you will need to develop your code in a Development workspace and reproduce it in a new Production workspace, so you can test your changes with user traffic and make your new changes publicly available.

️ Notice that you cannot make changes directly to the Master workspace nor promote a Development workspace to Master.

Step by step

Take the following steps to promote a Production workspace to Master. Remember to replace the values between curly braces according to your scenario.

  1. Log in to your VTEX account.

    $ vtex login {accountName}
  2. Change to the Production workspace to be promoted.

    $ vtex use {workspaceName}
  3. Promote the workspace in use.

    $ vtex workspace promote

️ When promoting a new version of the store theme app to Master, first make sure to perform all the necessary changes in the store content through the Site Editor or your store theme code.

💡 Promoting a Master workspace is one of the steps to making your new app version publicly available to end-users.

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