Becoming a Sponsor Account

To become a Sponsor Account and be able to manage apps and configurations across multiple accounts with Edition Apps, you must first check if your account meets the conditions described in the Prerequisites section.

If your account is qualified to be a Sponsor Account, follow the Step by Step section to activate this behavior on your account.


To be eligible to become a Sponsor account, make sure you have:

  • Access to multiple accounts hierarchically related to each other, with the main account having at least two accounts to sponsor. For example, the main VTEX account of a holding or the account of a brand with many sub-brands.

  • An Edition App published by vtex installed on your account ([email protected] or [email protected]).

    ℹ️ You can check the Edition App installed on your account by running vtex edition get in your terminal. If you see the following error Message: Edition not set, open a support ticket requesting the installation of either the [email protected] or [email protected]. See Edition App for more information.

Step by step

If your account meets the prerequisites described in the previous section, take the following steps to become a Sponsor Account.

  1. Open a ticket to the VTEX Support team expressing your desire to become a Sponsor Account and develop your own Edition Apps. Remember to include the following information in your ticket:

    • The name of the main account.
    • The names of the accounts that the main account will sponsor.

    The VTEX team will evaluate your request and take the necessary measures to allow your main account to sponsor others.

  2. Once you receive a successful reply from the support ticket, you must create, deploy and release your Edition App.

  3. Open a new ticket to the VTEX Support team asking for the installation of your new Edition App on the desired accounts.

Once you receive a successful reply from your support ticket, you'll be able to have child accounts sponsored by the account you just used to develop and release your new Edition App.

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