8. Improving performance with caching

Repeated searches for similar data can become an expensive and frustrating investment as they require a high number of responses from the server to deliver the requested information.

That is why the ability to use cache and reuse data previously obtained on the server can be a critical point for optimizing your front app's performance and, consequently, your website.

The VTEX IO development platform already applies advanced cache techniques to the Store Framework using the Apollo cache as a search and data management solution capable of interacting with VTEX's GraphQL services.

We highly recommended using the Apollo solution in your app and, that way, define your own cache strategies that mold to the business scenario that applies to your store.

React Apollo overviewReact Apollo overview

Once implemented, the solution operates without major configurations: two GraphQL requests with the same query and variables reach the server only once for data collection.

You can read about Apollo usage rules and policies to understand more about possible data collection scenarios using this solution.

For example, if you use the cache-and-network rule, you will be able to immediately return the requested data if it is cached and still query the server to confirm if any data has been changed since then.

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