Systems are meant to solve real problems by communicating to the needed services. A delivery app, for example, solves the issue of the desire to eat by communicating with a local restaurant service.

On VTEX IO architecture, the communication made by a system to request a service is so crucial that a whole concept was built for it: Clients.

In other words, Clients are configurations to be set up in a given system to abstract its communications to the needed services.

When building software, you can tackle complexities by setting up clients and then optimizing your code. Some standard clients are already into the VTEX IO. Check them here.

These are some of the features built-in our clients infrastructure:

  • Cache;
  • Native metrics support;
  • Retry and timeout options;
  • Billing tracking.

Clients on IO ServicesClients on IO Services

Learn how to create Clients of your own by accessing Managing Clients documentation.

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