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Cloning the boilerplate repository

One of the main steps in your development journey to create a new Pixel app is to copy our boilerplate repository to your local environment and then make the first changes to its manifest.json file.

By copying a boilerplate repository, you will not have to worry about the default settings required by the VTEX IO platform: it will import the basic and needed settings for you to start developing your new Pixel app, helping with the standardization in the app structure and language.

Using your terminal, clone our Pixel app boilerplate repository to your local environment using git clone + the repository's URL. For example:

$ git clone https://github.com/vtex-apps/pixel-app-template/

Then, using your code editor, open the boilerplate repository's directory to perform the needed changes in its manifest.json file - as we shall see in the following step!

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Cloning the boilerplate repository

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