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VTEX Platform Overview

Discover how our engineering decisions can benefit your business with the VTEX Platform Overview documentation.

This collection of guides provides a comprehensive overview of our platform, highlighting key technical aspects that can empower your team and drive your business forward.

Explore the following guides to discover how VTEX can meet your business requirements and support your goals, whether you are exploring new solutions or looking to optimize your existing setup.

Cloud infrastructure
Learn how our infrastructure decisions ensure scalability, reliability, and performance for your business.
Discover the robust security measures and best practices we implement to protect your store.
Data privacy
Learn about our commitment to data privacy and how we ensure compliance to safeguard personal data.
Explore how our platform's composability enables you to build tailored solutions that fit your unique business needs.
Store architecture
Dive into store architecture models within our platform that are tailored to various business needs.
Developer experience
Discover how our platform enhances the developer experience, making it easy for your team to build and deploy applications.

Other resources

Help Center

The Help Center contains beginner tutorials, reference guides, and troubleshooting articles about the VTEX Admin panel.


VTEX Community is an ecosystem where our clients and partners can interact, ask questions, and exchange information among themselves. It is the go-to place to find answers and talk about VTEX products.


All customers have access to the services provided by our Technical Support team. These specialists are extensively prepared to give you the best experience possible when solving your tickets. To contact them, you need to open a ticket with VTEX support.

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