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Checkout API - Overview

️ Check the new Checkout onboarding guide. We created this guide to improve the onboarding experience for developers at VTEX. It assembles all documentation on our Developer Portal about the Checkout and is organized by focusing on the developer's journey.

The Checkout API allows you to obtain and configure information about the shopping cart and its attachments, personalization of custom fields, orderForm structure, fulfillment data, order management, and identification of the sellers delivery region.

Important: Data modification operations (POST, PATCH, PUT or DELETE endpoints) shall not be performed in parallel in the Checkout APIs. They need to be enqueued by the client/requester. Otherwise, old values ​​can be overwritten incorrectly or competition errors may occur."

Shopping cart

Allows merchants to simulate, configure and customize shopping cart information.

Cart attachments

Allows merchants to obtain client profiles and add information to a given shopping cart.

Custom data

Allows merchants to manage custom fields that were created by an app in their account.


Allows merchants to configure orderForm in the account and seller exchange on a given order.


Allows merchants to obtain pickup points and address information.

Order placement

Allows merchants to place and process orders by creating a new cart or using an existing cart.


Allows merchants to obtain a list of sellers serving a specific delivery region.

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