Change price

This request changes the price of an SKU in a cart. You can also perform type of bulk price change with the Update cart items request

The orderForm is the data structure which represents a shopping cart and contains all information pertaining to it. Hence, the orderFormId is the identification code of a given cart.

You need to inform which cart you are referring to, by sending its orderFormId; and what is the item whose price you want to change, by sending its itemIndex.

You also need to pass the new price value in the body.

Remember that, to use this endpoint, the feature of manual price must be active. To check if it's active, use the Get orderForm configuration endpoint. To make it active, use the Update orderForm configuration endpoint, making the allowManualPrice field true.

Whenever you use this request to change the price of an item, all items in that cart with the same SKU are affected by this change. This applies even to items that share the SKU but have been separated into different objects in the items array due to customizations or attachments, for example.

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