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Receiving Catalog Changes on VTEX IO


  1. Clone the app

    • This example app also exports some service routes, but we're not gonna use it. Feel free to remove it, or integrate just the events section into another app. Every IO app is able to handle events with a node service.
  2. On node/service.json, change the event handler name and the keys. You can ditch the sender field as well. The final events section should be like so:

    "events": { "skuChange": { "keys": ["broadcaster.notification"] } },
    • The name skuChange you're free to change as well. This will be used to create the code to handle that event later on.
  3. After saving the node/service.json, let's edit the node/index.ts file, creating the handler function for our event. We are gonna use the key skuChange to that.

    export default new Service<IOClients, State, ParamsContext>({ clients: { options: { events: { exponentialTimeoutCoefficient: 2, exponentialBackoffCoefficient: 2, initialBackoffDelay: 50, retries: 1, timeout: TREE_SECONDS_MS, concurrency: CONCURRENCY, }, }, }, events: { skuChange: (ctx: any) => { console.log('Received SKU changed event') console.log(ctx.body) }, }, routes: { hcheck: (ctx: any) => { setCacheContext(ctx) ctx.status = 200 ctx.body = 'ok' }, }, })
  4. Now, to test it on a workspace, follow the steps here

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