Platform overview

Understand the main technical aspects of the VTEX headless commerce platform

We know our business. We combined our commerce expertise and technology DNA to make implementation faster, through out-of-the-box and low-code features.

Below you'll find the main technical aspects of our platform and see how everything connects to deliver the new sweet-spot: low cost of implementation and high customization capability.

For a business-focused platform overview, see this page.

Data orchestration

Our platform orchestrates data through multiple channels and sources to remove barriers and enable more possibilities. E-commerce, Brick-and-mortar, Marketplace, B2B... You name it, we enable it. That is why we are a unified commerce platform for unified businesses.

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Flexible, extensible platform

Our core commerce capabilities, provided by over 70 shared microservices, are available for flexible customization through our REST APIs. This allows our clients to integrate third-party solutions to a single platform for all experiences.

If you need to extend our platform to address specific business needs, we have you covered with our serverless development platform VTEX IO and scalable data service Master Data.

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Autoscaling cloud

In global commerce, scalability is a must for serious businesses: down-time means money left on the table. With cloud-based platform you can scale your business and forget the servers, leveraging our fully managed, auto-scalable infrastructure to keep orders coming even when customer demand reaches an all-time high. In Black Friday 2019, for instance, over 1 million orders were placed in VTEX stores in a single day. All of them went through without a hiccup.

No need to take our word for it - see what Amazon has to say about us. The AWS Retail Competency Partners undergo rigorous validation by AWS to ensure alignment to AWS best practices for building secure, high-performing, resilient and efficient cloud infrastructure for industry applications – to give customers an increased confidence when making decisions.

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Multi-tenant architecture

As a true multi-tenant cloud platform, all our clients take advantage of the same infrastructure and services, while keeping their data isolated and invisible to other tenants. No need to worry about data governance: we are fully GDPR compliant.

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VTEX IO is our enterprise low-code development platform that helps you deliver commerce solutions faster. From smooth, PWA-ready stores, to custom admin interfaces and backend integrations, it offers an opinionated set of frameworks that allow you to evolve fast and safely.

Transformation should be powered by technology, not limited by it. Work with highly productive technologies like TypeScript, React, GraphQL, .NET and Node, using simple and intuitive frameworks which you can learn on-the-go. Become productive in record time with just a command line code application and stop running your code locally — deploy and publish all changes to our cloud development environment seamlessly.

With VTEX IO, you can build:

  • Comprehensive shopping experiences that never get old.
  • Custom storefront apps.
  • Custom admin apps.
  • Custom backend integrations.

Check out our App Store and documentation.

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