Advanced components

Use our native components to enhance user experience. While not required for your store's operation, advanced components provide additional functionalities to your store.

Category menu
Shows the store department list on a customizable menu.
Renders external iframes on your store.
Product availability
This store component block displays messages to users regarding the product availability in the store.
Product comparison
Displays a component that compares specifications of pre-selected SKUs.
Product gifts
The blocks of this app are designed to showcase all available gifts for a specific product within the Product Description block.
Product kit
Displays a list of product kits.
Product recommendation
Displays a selection of products using recommendation strategies.
Product specification badge
Use this component to show badges based on your product specifications on the product page.
Live Shopping
Allows businesses to host live broadcasts directly on their store website, increasing selling rates, enhancing user experience, and boosting customer interaction with real-time streaming capabilities.
Reviews and ratings
Allows customers to submit their reviews and ratings for products and see them while navigating the store.
Allows building custom HTML content within extension points using an Iframe.
Seller selector
Displays the number of sellers available on your marketplace for each product, allowing users to easily compare prices from different sellers.
Store drawer
Designed for mobile devices, this app renders a sliding drawer for the store menu.
Store locator
Uses the pickup points information to add the Store Locator feature to the store.
Store form
Provides blocks for displaying an user form connected to Master Data through a JSON Schema.
Store link
Provides blocks for displaying links in other theme blocks, such as the Product Summary.
Store media
Allows you to display image and video assets using a single block.
Store newsletter
Provides a set of blocks that you can use to create a newsletter subscription form.
Provides blocks to display video assets on your store pages.
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