Installing Affirm Payment App

The following steps show how to install the Affirm Payment App in your VTEX store.


Before performing these steps, make sure you have already installed VTEX IO on your pc by checking Installing VTEX IO's CLI documentation.

  1. Access the CMD on your computer.
  • Windows: Press the Windows key and type cmd
  • Mac: Type Command + Space and then type terminal.
  1. On the following screen, type "vtex login {AccountName}" and click enter to run the command.
  2. When you run the command, and the store’s access is complete, type "vtex install vtex.affirm-payment" and click enter.
  3. As soon as the application is installed, the following message will be displayed: info: Installed app vtex.affirm-payment successfully.

By finishing these steps, the app will be installed in your store.

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