Access Control List

By default, all the stores are configured to show all the products for all navigations. The Access Control List feature allows you to create a list of users that can access specific products on the store.

To configure the Access Control List, you must create a product specification on the catalog called _blocklist with navigation values separated by ;(i.e.: 1;2;3). This specification restricts the product visibility according to these navigation values.


After creating the product specification, you must reindex the Intelligent Search to update the values on the search database.

To define segmented navigation, you must configure the accesscontrollist facet on the vtex-segment app. For example, acesscontrollist:1 can define navigation for a client, where a certain product will not be displayed in the search result.

query {
      selectedFacets: [
        {key: "trade-policy", value: "1"},
        {key: "accesscontrollist", value: "1"}
    products {

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