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Enable order filter by sales associate

Sales associates can see the full list of completed orders on inStore. However, it sometimes makes sense for a sales associate to see only the orders they have personally completed. To enable this option, it is necessary to edit the checkout-instore-custom.js file. Check out the How to customize inStore guide for further information on how to access this file.

Edit the checkout-instore-custom.js file

Inside this file, you must find the window.INSTORE_CONFIG object and add the OMSFilters object to it.

The code snippet should look like the example below:

  OMSFilters: {
    'f_UtmSource': '{{ vendor.storeId }}',
    'CallCenterOperatorEmail': '{{ vendor.username }}',

With that, the app will filter orders to display only those made by the sales associate currently logged in on inStore.

Do not remove any of the other properties present in the window.INSTORE_CONFIG object, to avoid breaking other functionalities.

After making changes in the code, make sure you press the Save button.

Check out your changes

To see the reflected changes on inStore, enter the menu and click the Reset app local data button. After this, each sales associate will only see orders they were responsible for.

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