Master Data v2 document saving flow

Whenever you save a document in Master Data v2, the platform performs a specific sequence of processes indicated in the image below. In this article, you can learn more about each step in this saving flow.


Save API call

It happens whenever you send a request to the saving documents APIs (POST, PUTor PATCH). This triggers the rest of the sequence of processes.

Resolve ID

Add an ID to the document. If the ID doesn't exist in the content, Master Data tries to get the document by index (alternate key). If the document by index does not exist, the platform creates a new ID.

Validate Schema

Master Data validates the content with the corresponding JSON schemas if the parameter _schema exists in the query.


After this step, only one operation could be executed by ID or alternate key.

Get fields changed

Get the last version of the document in the database and compare it with the saved content. If there is some change, it moves to the next step.

Validate condition clause

If you pass the parameter _where in the query, Master Data will validate this condition at this moment.

Persistence in database

Save the document in the database.

Enqueue to the worker process

Enqueue the operation. Some moments after, the Background Worker will start the background operations (validation with other schemas and indexing).