Hide Print order and Reprint receipt buttons

By default, inStore shows the options to Print order and Reprint receipt in the Order placed page. If you want to hide these buttons, you can change their display by editing the checkout-instore-custom.css file. Check out the How to customize inStore guide for further information on how to access this file.

Edit the checkout-instore-custom.css file

To customize which cancellation options inStore will display, you must declare the following class and property in the checkout-instore-custom.css file.

In the UI display column below, you can see where the elements you can hide are rendered in the inStore UI. You can click on each image to enlarge it.

CSS class name


UI display


The class you can use to style the Print order and the Reprint receipt buttons.



If you want to hide these elements, you must use their class selector and declare the display property with the value set as none, as exemplified below.

.print-details {
  display: none;

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