List of REST APIs

See how to use our APIs to integrate third-party solutions to a single platform for all experiences.



Catalog API

Manipulate your store’s sales channels, categories, brands, products, SKUs and specifications.

Checkout API

Access and manipulate items data of a checkout cart.

Customer Credit API

Enable credit payments on your store and control invoices and credit limits.

Gift Card API

Retrieve and update gift cards from our native Gift Card System.

Gift Card Hub API

Interact with all Gift Card Providers registered to a store from a single point.

License Manager API

Manage users, roles, hosts, AppKeys and AppTokens from a VTEX store.

Logistics API

Manage all store logistics data by accessing warehouses, docks, pick up points, carriers and shipping rates. Get or update the inventory of each SKU.

Marketplace API

Enables marketplaces and sellers hosted on VTEX to perform their collaborative operations.

Master Data API

Manage and retrieve all data entities, applications and records from Master Data database.

Orders API

Receive, process, and manage every order through our APIs.

Payments Gateway API

Get payment data and process your transactions.

Pricing API

Create, read and edit prices for each SKU, sales channel or price table.

Promotions API

Manage and retrieve all promotions, coupons and tax rules from a VTEX store.

Search API

Search and sort products in the catalog using fulltext, category and brand search terms. Retrieve product data to create custom searches and product shelves.

Session Manager API

Track relevant information about the client's current browsing session and integrate with several VTEX systems using a single call.

Subscriptions API

Manage store's subscription rules to improve the revenue and reduce bounce rate and churn.


Manage and retrieve notes or tasks from VTEX Do.

VTEX Tracking

Manage all delivery solutions powered by VTEX Tracking service.

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