Force stock availability

By default, if an SKU has zero stock in the store catalog, it is not possible to sell that SKU with inStore. However, there are cases where — even if the stock is zero — the SKU exists and is available in the physical store. And you may want to give your sales associates the ability to sell SKUs in this situation.

inStore allows this through a customization in the checkout-instore-custom.js file that enables the Force Stock Availability feature. Check out the How to customize inStore guide for further information on how to access this file.

Edit the checkout-instore-custom.js file

  1. To activate this feature, you need to include the sellWithoutStockInHands property in the window.INSTORE_CONFIG object, with the value true.

The code should look like the example below:

  sellWithoutStockInHands: true,


Do not remove any of the other properties present in the window.INSTORE_CONFIG object, to avoid breaking other functionalities.

  1. After making changes in the code, make sure you press the Save button.

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