How to validate if items are available for delivery

To make sure all items in an order are available for delivery on the VTEX platform, the connector must validate them. Follow the steps below to make the validation:

  1. Connector collects order information at the marketplace.
  2. Connector sends a Fulfillment simulation request to collect updated information about items to check their availability on stock.
  3. Connector notifies VTEX about stock in Marketplace through the StockBalance property, so that the stock availability is constantly updated.
  4. After receiving the VTEX notification, connectors should validate the following:
  • If the SKU is active, through the isActive property, .
  • If the SKU is associated with the trade policy used in the marketplace integration through the salesChannel property.
  • If there is a freight option configured to deliver the order in the Shipping strategy, through the object logistics.
  • If there SKU available in stock through the StockBalance property.

All the fields mentioned above must be available for the validation of an item’s delivery. In case any of them are unavailable, the item will not be validated.


Nonexistent SKUs

In case the SKU is not included in the Shopping cart simulation's response, connectors must reduce stock to zero to avoid orders created for nonexistent SKUs.

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