Add extra text to the order summary print

By default, the order summary print does not contain any custom text. If you want to add extra text to the order print, it is necessary to edit the file checkout-instore-custom.js. Check out the How to customize inStore guide for further information on how to access this file.

Edit the checkout-instore-custom.js file

In this file, inside the window.INSTORE_CONFIG object, add the printedOrderExtraText property. The value of this property will be the new printed text. The code should look like the example below:

  printedOrderExtraText: 'Write your extra text here',


Do not remove any of the other properties present in the window.INSTORE_CONFIG object, to avoid breaking other functionalities.

After making changes in the code, make sure you press the Save button.

Once you reload inStore, whenever a sales associate prints an order, the text you configured will appear on the order summary printout.


Before adding extra text, the printout of the order summary has the following format:


In the example below, we changed the checkout-instore-custom.js file by inserting the following extra text:

  printedOrderExtraText: 'Essa nota não tem validade fiscal',

Now, whenever an order summary is printed, we will get the following result:


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