The gallery.list-items block displays the gallery with the products contained in a list.



  1. Import the vtex.list app to your theme's peer dependencies in the manifest.json file as in the following example:
  "peerDependencies": {
    "vtex.list": "3.x"
  1. Add the gallery.list-items block to other theme block inside the list context, such as the store.list. For example:

  "flex-layout.row": {
    "children": [
+     "gallery.list-items",


Prop NameTypeDescriptionDefault value
emptyListIconstringName for the button-
emptyListTextstringText for empty lists" Your list is empty \n Add items right now "
buttonEmptyListbooleanIf set to true adds a button for adding items at an empty listtrue
nameButtonEmptyListstringName of the button in case the prop buttonEmptyList is true"Add Items"
emptyTextAlignmentstringAlign the text of the button (RIGHT / CENTER / LEFT)CENTER
emptyTextPositionstringAlign the position of the text at button (RIGHT / CENTER / LEFT)CENTER
linkButtonEmptyListstringThe redirect link for the button (department / category / collection)-
linkIconButtonEmptyListstringLink for the icon of an empty list-
limitnumberAt a guest context if wants to add a button to create a list and set a maximum limit of lists for creation per user-

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