The wrappers are used to call the context Provider for other components and they are made of three blocks owner-list-wrapper , guest-list-wrapper and user-lists-wrapper and each one represents a context, which are owners, guests and users respectively.


  1. Import the vtex.list app to your theme's peer dependencies in the manifest.json file as in the following example:
  "peerDependencies": {
    "vtex.list": "2.x"
  1. Add a wrapper like the owner-list-wrapper block to other theme block, such as the For example:
// .store/blocks/wrappers.jsonc

  "searchWrapper#default": {
    "props": {
+      "CustomContext": "owner-list-wrapper"

// .store/blocks/search/search.jsonc
  "": {
    "parent": {
      "searchWrapper": "searchWrapper#default"

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