Google Tag Manager

The Google Tag Manager (GTM) app is a first-party solution that integrates your VTEX account with the Google Tag Manager, a JavaScript and HTML tag management system provided by Google for tracking user browsing.

With the app, you can avoid contact with the store's source code when adding, editing, or removing website tags and quickly provide user browsing tracking for Google Analytics.


Installing Google Tag Manager

Step-by-step on how to install the app in your VTEX Admin.
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Setting up Google Tag Manager

Step-bystep to set up the app with the variables, triggers, and tags necessary, to measure your store's data.
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Migrating Google Tag Manager app from major 2.x to major 3.x

Step-by-step to update the app to Version 3.x that tracks the entire user’s journey through the store, from viewing a product to purchasing it.
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