Functional Apps

In addition to the blocks that build the store's layout and interface content, we also have the apps that are not rendered by themselves, but that have important roles for the functioning of your store. Check the full list of functional apps below:

Checkout UI Custom

Customizes your store's Checkout UI through the admin's interface.
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Checkout UI Settings

App responsible for exporting scripts to build a custom Checkout UI.
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Product Context

Provides data regarding a certain product to all of its children blocks.
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Responsive Values

Utility for using props that accept different values for different devices or media queries.
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Store Icons

Exports all icons used by the store's components.
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Store Sitemap

App responsible for automatically generating a `sitemap.xml` file of your VTEX IO Store.
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Enables a call center operator impersonate a costumer in the store, and this app is used by store theme.
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