Learn how to implement a B2B store with the Store Framework.

Configuring a B2B environment

Make your store's content available only to users of other customer stores using a B2B environment.
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Installing B2B Easy Set Up

Learn how to install B2B Easy Set Up, an app that helps you quickly get your store configured for B2B ecommerce.
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Installing the B2B Store Theme

Learn jow to install B2B Store Theme, an a front-end template to help your store get started with VTEX’s core features for businesses selling to other businesses.
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Customizing the B2B Store Theme

Customize the B2B Store Theme according to your store’s business needs. To do so, follow the steps described below.
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Querying B2B order statuses

Learn more about the ERP API requirements and how to install the B2B Orders app in your store.
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Querying personal MasterData Information with SafeData

Learn how to use SafeData, an app that provides an easy to use, configurable middleware to retrieve and save MasterData (V1 & V2) information directly on the front-end, or through another back-end.
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