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Using VTEX Admin filters on orders via API

This article explains how to use the VTEX Admin Order Management filters via the List orders API:

GET - https://{accountName}.{environment}

To apply VTEX Admin filters via API, follow the steps below:

  1. Access your VTEX Admin in Orders > Order Management > All Orders.
  2. Click on the filters icon.

{"base64":"  ","img":{"width":483,"height":146,"type":"jpg","mime":"image/jpeg","wUnits":"px","hUnits":"px","length":13500,"url":""}}

  1. Select the filter you want to apply and click Confirm. You can combine multiple filters.

{"base64":"  ","img":{"width":423,"height":219,"type":"jpg","mime":"image/jpeg","wUnits":"px","hUnits":"px","length":14137,"url":""}}

  1. After selecting the filters, copy the URL generated in your browser.
  2. Using an URL decoder tool, decode the URL so that It will look like the following example:

{"base64":"  ","img":{"width":770,"height":387,"type":"jpg","mime":"image/jpeg","wUnits":"px","hUnits":"px","length":40463,"url":""}}

  1. Copy only the URL extension after the question mark ?.

    For example: orderBy=creationDate,desc&page=1&f_creationDate=creationDate:[2022-10-01T03:00:00.000Z TO 2022-11-01T02:59:59.999Z]&f_status=$$ALL_VALUES$$

  2. In your browser, insert the API List orders path (https://{accountName}.{environment} followed by the URL excerpt from last step.

    For example: https://{accountName}.{environment},desc&page=1&f_creationDate=creationDate:[2022-10-01T03:00:00.000Z TO 2022-11-01T02:59:59.999Z]&f_status=$$ALL_VALUES$$

  3. Click on Enter.

You can use pagination and determine the number of orders per page by adding the parameters _&page=1&per_page=15_ at the end of your URL. The page=1 means accessing the first page, and per_page=15 means 15 orders on each page. You can change it as you wish, up to the limit of 30 pages.

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