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List of REST APIs
See how to use our APIs to integrate third-party solutions with a single platform for all experiences.
Catalog APIAllows performing operations on your store sales channels, categories, brands, products, SKUs, and specifications.
Catalog API - Seller PortalCreates, edits, and retrieves products and their variations, brands, and categories in the Seller Portal.
Checkout APIAllows access and operations on data from items in a shopping cart.
Customer Credit APIEnables credit payments on your store and controls invoices and credit limits.
Gift Card APIRetrieves and updates gift cards from our native gift card system.
Gift Card Hub APIInteracts with all gift card providers in a store from a single place.
Gift Card Provider Protocol APIDefines the requirements to become a gift card provider on VTEX.
Intelligent Search APIHelps customers in their buying journey through search results.
License Manager APIManages users, roles, hosts, AppKeys, and AppTokens from a VTEX store.
Logistics APIManages all store logistics data by allowing access to warehouses, docks, pickup points, carriers, and shipping rates. Gets or updates the inventory of each SKU.
Marketplace APIEnables marketplaces and sellers hosted on VTEX to perform operations related to collaboration.
Marketplace Protocol APIConnects external sellers to a VTEX marketplace and external marketplaces to VTEX sellers.
Master Data APIManages and retrieves all data entities, applications, and records from the Master Data database.
Message Center APIManages settings for VTEX mail servers.
Orders APIReceives, processes, and manages all orders through our APIs.
Payments Gateway APIGets payment data and processes your transactions.
Policies System APICreates promotion alarms when selling products with undesired prices and promotions.
Pricing APICreates, reads, and edits prices for each SKU, sales channel or price table.
Pricing Hub APIConnects with external pricing systems using Pricing Hub.
Price Simulations APIConfigures custom price selectors for B2B stores.
Promotions APIManages and retrieves all promotions, coupons, and tax rules from a VTEX store.
Reviews and Ratings APIAllows customers to submit product reviews and ratings.
Search APISearches and sorts products in the catalog using full-text, category, and brand search terms. Retrieves product information to create custom searches and product shelves.
Session Manager APITracks relevant information about the customer's current browsing session and integrates with several VTEX systems using a single call.
SKU Binding APILinks shared SKUs between sellers and marketplaces.
Subscriptions APIManages store subscription rules to maximize revenue and reduce bounce and churn rates.
VTEX Do APIManages and retrieves notes or tasks from VTEX Do.
VTEX Tracking APIManages all delivery solutions powered by a VTEX Tracking service.
VTEX Headless CMS APIStructures a no-code management system for storefront content.
VTEX ID APIManages tokens from a given app key and app token pair.
VTEX Shipping Network APISets up your app to integrate with VTEX Shipping Network.
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