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Order Integration overview

Learn how to integrate Orders in VTEX with external marketplaces. Before you start, check out what’s included in the Order Integration flow:

IncludedNot included
All valid orders made in the external marketplace, will be integrated in the main account.Orders made in the external marketplace, integrated in third party sellers or franchise accounts.
SKUs in the order must be associated to the trade policy configured in the integrationSKUs not included in the chose trade policy
SKUs with stock valid levelSKUs without stock
SKUs with prices defined within the rules defined by the VTEX storeSKUs without prices set
Carriers configured to attend the order’s addressCarriers not configured in the main account
Invalid orders made in the external marketplace


  • Seller: Owns the product, responsible for the fulfillment, or SKU delivery.
  • Marketplace/affiliate: Owns the storefront, responsible for selling the SKU.
  • SKU: item to be exchanged and sold between seller and marketplace
  • Sales channel/Trade policy: product assortment, prices, and logistics configurations attached to a sales channel.
  • Connector: party responsible for the integration, being either the marketplace itself, or an integration hub. Know more about how to configure a marketplace trade policy.
  • Order Authorization: order authorization rules are defined by the seller to deal with scenarios of price divergence.
  • MarketplaceServicesEndpoint: Endpoint sent by the marketplace to the seller, that will be used to send the invoice and tracking data back to it.
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