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Update or delete information

As you may have noticed when browsing through our API Reference in the previous steps of this guide, most of the endpoints used have PUT / DELETE counterparts. These endpoints may be used as needed in your migration scripts or integration middleware to update and delete information. Check the links below to learn more.

Product updates

You may use automations that trigger API requests to your VTEX catalog whenever there are changes to you ERP catalog. Another alternative is to use one of the different methods of importing or editing products manually.

Your store's catalog may go through different kinds of changes, but in each case, your operation must be prepared to handle them and register them to VTEX.

New products or SKUs

In case you have new products or SKUs, you may follow the product import flow mentioned in this guide.

Before importing new items, make sure your catalog is set up to receive the new item when it comes to category, brand and specifications.

To learn more, see our Catalog API reference and these detailed integration guides:

Updating existing products or SKUs

See these guides:

Deactivating old products or SKUs

If you want a product or SKU to be removed from the catalog shown in your storefront, you may deactivate them. To do this, use the Update product or Update SKU API request setting the IsActive field as false.

Pricing updates

To perform ongoing pricing updates, you may use the same method described previously in this guide: Import prices.

Inventory updates

To perform ongoing inventory updates, you may follow the same flow mentioned previously in this guide: Update SKU Inventory.

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