Sending emails with triggers in Master Data v2

You can use Master Data v2 triggers to automatically send emails to your customers.


You can find more information about creating triggers in the article Setting up triggers in Master Data v2.


type*The action type must be email
provider*Message Center provider name (usually named as default)
from*define name and email of from address
to*list of emails that email will be sended
replyTo*list of addresses to reply
subject*subject line for this e-mail
body*the message body
bccaddress collection that contains the blind carbon copy (BCC)

* Required

Dynamic expressions

You can use dynamic expressions to deal with document properties in these settings. For more information, look at the Article on dynamic expressions.

JSON Schema example:

      "properties": { ... },
      "v-triggers": [
          "type": "email",
          "provider": "default",
          "subject": "Sending email with VTEX Master Data",
          "from": {
            "email": "[email protected]",
            "name": "My custom name"
          "to": [ "[email protected]" ],
          "cco": [ "[email protected]" ],
          "replyTo": "[email protected]",
          "body": "VTEX Master Data Triggers email body"