Making your first request

Learn how to make an API request

Let's test a simple GET call to see if you receive a 200 OK response.

Check out the following example, where we use the Try It feature in the API Reference of these Developer Docs to try a GET Category request. The {{appKey}} and {{appToken}} in the image should be replaced by your own appKey and appToken.


API Reference testing feature. Try it yourself!

See below the expected response in our apiexamples store:


Sample response object received from a recently created account

If you get a 401 - Unauthorized as response, review the authentication steps. Make sure that the right permissions are defined in the roles and that you copied the exact appKey and appToken values into the headers of the request.

If you received a 200 OK response, congratulations on your first successful request to VTEX APIs! :tada:

Using Postman

Our API reference documentation is built using the Open API 3.0 (OAS 3.0) standard. The OAS 3.0 schemas are available for download in our GitHub repository.

Download ZIPDownload ZIP

You can import our API endpoints to Postman by downloading the JSON schemas you are interested in and following these instructions.

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