Learn how to get authorization to access VTEX REST APIs.

VTEX offers a series of open APIs so that retailers and partners can make highly customizable integrations with our systems.

Most of these APIs are private and, as so, require you to provide a pair of credentials before you can access them.

These credentials are:

  • An appKey
  • An appToken

They work as a pair of ID and password, and must be created inside your store's administration panel.

Creating the appKey and appToken

To generate app keys in your account, you should follow the instructions seen in the Application Keys article in our Help Center.

Using the appKey and appToken to authenticate

Now it's time to authenticate your first integration with a VTEX API.

You will do it by using the appKey and appToken you've just created as values of your request's authentication headers.

  1. The appKey should be provided through the X-VTEX-API-AppKey header.
  2. The appToken should be provided through the X-VTEX-API-AppToken header.


According to the W3C definition of Message Headers in HTTP requests, header names are case-insensitive. X-VTEX-API-AppKey, x-vtex-api-appkey or any other variation in the authentication headers will work the same way.

Great job! You should now be able to authenticate and use VTEX APIs on your account.

Let's do that in the next step of this introduction.

What’s Next