Every JSON is defined between { } by keys and values that together define its properties i.e. its inherent characteristics.

 "name": "Pedro",
 "height": 1.90

In the example above, name and height are the object's keys whose values are, respectively, Pedro and 1.90.

The key + value set constitutes what we call the property (or prop) of the JSON, being responsible for qualifying it by setting its essential characteristics.


The key and value can also be called, respectively, property name and property value.

In the blocks context, the properties (props) end up acting on the definition of the performance and visual identity of the component rendered in the interface - the more props a block has, the more flexible its configuration is for the end user.

The list of properties a JSON accepts are separated by comma (,), and the values can vary according to their type:

  • string - A prop of the string type has its value in quotation marks, being a text composed by alphabetic characters.
  • number - A prop of the type number has its value without quotation marks, being it an integral or real number. When it is the real type, the . (dot) character should be used to separate the integral part from the decimal places. E.g.: 1 (integer) or 23.454 (real).
  • boolean - A prop of the boolean type has its value without quotes, being necessarily true or false.
  • object - A prop of the 'object' type has its value between curly brackets {} being a list with various data types, that is, a new object.
  • array - A prop of the array type has its value between brackets [], being a list with only one data type.

There are two other types also used by the Store Framework blocks properties:

  • enum - A prop of the enum type has its value between quotation marks and predefined by the React component to which the correspondent block.
  • block - A prop of the type block has its value quotes, being it the name of a block and its app's version. This property will be responsible for rendering the block as its value. E.g.: icon-cart (from the Store Icons app).

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