Making your theme content public

Once you're using VTEX IO Store Framework, making a new version of your theme public (or even the first version) can be a big challenge if any of the necessary steps are unclear.

To better understand the process, you need to remember that your store's theme works exactly as any other platform app.
This means that it takes on an app's default behavior, with its own versioning and deploys.

Step by step

If you’re comfortable with the configurations you’ve performed and want your new theme to be made available to any user, you’ll need to:

  1. Link the theme to a Development workspace in order to test your changes;
  2. Release the theme;
  3. Publish it as a release candidate version;
  4. Install the theme in a Production workspace in order to test your changes with traffic;
  5. Validate it as a release candidate if no more changes are needed. If changes to the theme are required, you should go back to step 1 and use a Development workspace. You must not perform changes using a production workspace.
  6. Deploy it as a stable version if you are sure about all the changes you performed;
  7. Promote the Production workspace to Master, finally making your theme public to your store's end users.

For more details on each of these steps, you can check out the recipe on Making your new app version publicly available, considering that your store theme works exactly as an app, as previously mentioned.

What’s Next