Can I order my product as I want?

By default, VTEX system orders products according to their relevance on the site, i.e. by most sold and most viewed.

However, there are ways to change this order: either through the Score field or by using Querystring.
How the Score field works is explained in this article.

The Querystring process is simpler: simply incert the parameter into the URL to change the order in which products are displayed.

The parameters are as follows:

  • Lowest price: ?O=OrderByPriceASC
  • Highest price: ?O=OrderByPriceDESC
  • Best sellers: ?O=OrderByTopSaleDESC
  • Best rated: ?O=OrderByReviewRateDESC
  • Alphabetical order A-Z: ?O=OrderByNameASC
  • Alphabetical order Z-A: ?O=OrderByNameDESC
  • Release date (associated with the product): ?O=OrderByReleaseDateDESC
  • Highest discount: ?O=OrderByBestDiscountDESC
  • Lowest discount: ?O=OrderByBestDiscountASC
    For example: http://www.{AccountName}.com/{departament}/{category}?O=OrderByPriceASC
    You can only use one product order parameter at a time. Therefore, you have to choose the one that best suits your store's needs (remember that parameters can be changed at will).

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