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The sku-selector block is mainly used in Product Details Pages (PDPs) to display all the SKUs available for a given product.

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  1. Import the app to your theme's dependencies in the manifest.json file as in the following example:
"dependencies": { "": "3.x" }
  1. Add the sku-selector block to any child of the store.product template (product page). For example:
"store.product": { "children": [ "flex-layout.row#product", ] }, "flex-layout.row#product": { "children": [ + "sku-selector" ] },
  1. Then, declare the sku-selector block using the props stated in the Props table. For example:
"sku-selector": { "props": { "hideImpossibleCombinations": false } },


Prop nameTypeDescriptionDefault value
classesCustomCSSClassesOverrides default CSS handles. To better understand how this prop works, check this document. Note that this is only helpful if you're using this block as a React component.undefined
disableUnavailableSelectOptionsbooleanWhether a product variation that leads to an impossible product combination should be displayed with the disabled attribute when displayMode is set to select. By default, all select options are without the disabled attribute set based on the type of variationfalse
displayModeenumDefines how the product variation names will be displayed (it doesn't apply to product variation images). Possible values are: default (displays all variation names), select (only displays the selected variation name) or slider (displays all variation names in a slider when the number of available options in greater than the value defined in the sliderDisplayThreshold prop). Notice that this prop is responsive, so you can declare an object as its value specifying a value for each breakpoint (desktop and mobile).default
hideImpossibleCombinationsbooleanDefines if a product variation should be clickable (true) or not (false). If true, the variation won't be displayed. If false, the variation is displayed with less opacity. For example, there are two colors for a pair of sneakers: pink and white, and if the pink sneaker is available for only one size, the other sizes won't be displayed (true).true
sortVariationsByLabelbooleanDefines if the variations are to be sorted in alphabetical order.false
imageHeightnumberobjectHeight (in px) of the product thumbnail image. You can declare an object as its value in case you want to define a height for each device (desktop and mobile).
imageWidthnumberobjectWidth (in px) of the product thumbnail image. You can declare an object as its value in case you want to define a width for each device (desktop and mobile).
initialSelectionenumControls the user initial selection for available variations when product page is fully loaded. Possible values are: complete (selects the first available SKU's variation values), image (selects the first available image variation) or empty (no variations will be selected when the page is loaded).complete
maxItemsnumberMaximum number of variation items to be displayed in the SKU Selector before the See more button. The button will always be displayed 2 items before the number set in maxItems.10
showValueForVariationenumDisplays a value for the selected variation. This prop replaces the former showValueNameForImageVariation (deprecated). Possible values are: none (no values are displayed when the variation is selected), image (displays only the image value for the selected variation, if any) or all (all variation values are displayed).none
sliderArrowSizenumberControls the size (height and width) in pixels of the navigation arrows rendered when displayMode is set as slider.12
sliderDisplayThresholdnumberMinimum number of product variation names that should be displayed using slider display mode. This prop only properly works when displayMode is set as slider.3
sliderItemsPerPageobjectControls how many slides should be shown on each type of device when displayMode is set as slider. Check out more information regarding this prop structure below this table.{desktop: 3, tablet: 2, phone: 1}
showVariationsErrorMessagebooleanWhether an error message should be displayed whenever the BuyButton is clicked on but no available variation was selected (true) or not (false).true
showVariationsLabelsenumWhere variation names should be displayed. Possible values are: none (doesn't display the variation names. Replaces the previous false behavior), variation (shows the variation name as a header of the items. Replaces the previous true behavior), itemValue (displays the variation name before with each item's value) and variationAndItemValue (behaves as variation and itemValue at the same time).variation
thumbnailImagestringFirst image to be displayed. This prop value must be the same text string defined in the desired product image's imageLabel field (from the Catalog module). If you use this prop and no image declaring the same text string in its imageLabel field is found, any product image will be randomly rendered instead. To apply the thumbnailImage configuration, see the Configuring custom images for the SKU Selector documentationundefined
variationsSpacingnumberDefines the margin-bottom size to be applied in the rendered product variations. Possible values are from 0 to 11 (the prop value is not in px, every value represents a tachyons class).7
visibilityenumDefines the scenarios in which the SKU selector should be displayed. Possible values are: always (it will always be displayed even if the product has only one SKU option) or more-than-one (the SKU Selector is only displayed when the product has more than one SKU option).always
visibleVariationsarraySpecifies which product variations should be displayed in the product details page. Notice the following: if you declare a name that doesn't represent a real product variation or an empty array, no variations will be displayed. Check out more information regarding this prop structure below this table.undefined
  • visibleVariations props
Prop nameTypeDescriptionDefault value
namestringProduct variation name.undefined
  • sliderItemsPerPage props
Prop nameTypeDescriptionDefault value
desktopnumberNumber of slides to be displayed on desktop devices when displayMode is set as slider.3
tabletnumberNumber of slides to be displayed on tablet devices when displayMode is set as slider.2
phonenumberNumber of slides to be displayed on phone devices when displayMode is set as slider.1


To apply CSS customizations in this and other blocks, follow the Using CSS handles for store customization guide.

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