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Product Summary Shelf

The Product Summary Shelf is the main block exported by the Product Summary app. It includes the child blocks required to display the Product Summary component in your store.

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  1. Import the vtex.product-summary app to your theme's dependencies in the manifest.json:
dependencies: { "vtex.product-summary": "2.x" }
  1. Add the product-summary.shelf block as a child of the list-context.product-list block :
"list-context.product-list": { + "blocks": ["product-summary.shelf"] },
  1. Declare the product-summary.shelf block, passing the desired blocks exported by the Product Summary app in order to build your Product Summary component. For example:
{ + "product-summary.shelf": { + "children": [ + "product-summary-image", + "product-summary-name", + "product-rating-inline", + "product-summary-space", + "product-summary-price", + "product-summary-buy-button" + ] + } }

️ Remember to define the other Product Summary blocks in your theme as well, otherwise the component will not be displayed.

Prop nameTypeDescriptionDefault value
priceBehaviorenumWhether the component should fetch the most up-to-date price (async) or not (default). Remember to also set the Search Result'ssimulationBehavior prop to skip and use the Product Price's product-price-suspense block to render a loading spinner while the price data is being fetched.default
trackListNamebooleanWhether the component should send the list name to the product page when the product summary is clicked. Disabling it will prevent the productDetail GTM event sent on the PDP to identify from which list the user navigated from.true


The Product Summary Shelf merely establishes the block structure to render the Product Summary component. Therefore, this block doesn't have CSS Handles for its specific customization.

Instead, you should use its child block's Handles.

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